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Toronto's famous italian sandwich since 1967. Click below to discover our fresh homemade sandwiches. Fast food never looked this good. Always fresh, the perfect choice every time.

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Toronto's Famous Italian Sandwich, Just a Little Further North

California Sandwiches is going on our eighth year here in Richmond Hill. We are still For more than 50 years we have been “Toronto’s Famous Italian Sandwich". This location is still family owned and operated and dedicated to serving our customers our famous homemade sandwiches. Our food is prepared fresh while you wait. We have a variety of hot sandwiches that include: Veal, Steak, Chicken, Meatball and Sausage. For our vegetarian customers we offer: breaded Eggplant and a Sautéed Veggie Sandwich. The only thing that differs from this location from most of our others is that all our meat is Halal with the exception of any pork. Don’t worry, all pork products are prepared separately and we ensure there is no contact with any of our Halal products. We will even switch the knife before we cut your sandwich if you are a Halal foodie or a vegetarian, just ask us.  

Since 1967


It's what's on the inside that counts

California Sandwiches was born at 244 Claremont St. hidden in Toronto's little Italy region. In the mid 1960's, the Papa/Bertucci family purchased a local grocery store in an effort to try and support a growing family. They quickly discovered they had something special, as customers were coming for lunch instead of groceries. As the popularity of their homemade sandwiches grew, they decided to capitalize on this opportunity. Groceries were out and thus the first California Sandwich was born. From its inception in "La Rinacente" (the stores first name), the veal sandwich quickly became one of Toronto's favorite meals.

Today, very little has changed. California Sandwiches is still family owned/operated and is still dedicated to serving our customers what has come to be known as “Toronto’s Famous Italian Sandwich.” All of our food is prepared FRESH while you wait. Every single detail of our traditional methods of food preparation is still in practice. Our meat is delivered daily and cut fresh on site. Only the finest in Italian tomatoes are ground for the sauce that we prepare fresh daily. Our kaiser buns are baked every morning and are delivered by an Italian bakery. Cheeses and produce are brought in multiple times throughout the week and prepared fresh as required. Quality food and attention to detail have kept this business strong and valued by our vey loyal costumers for more than 50 years. California Sandwiches is Toronto's favorite hot Italian sandwich. You can taste the difference!




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